The Emakhosini-Opathe Heritage Park is located near the town of Ulundi in Northern KZN.  This area is also known as the ‘Valley of the Kings’ and contains the burial places of a number of early Zulu Kings, King Dingane’s Royal Residence, uMgungundlovu, and kwaMatiwane where Voortrekker leader Piet Retief and his men were killed and subsequently buried.  Dingane rose to power after murdering his half-brother, King Shaka. Whilst initially reassuring his people that he was a man of peace, he soon became just as paranoid and brutal as Shaka, murdering anyone whose loyalties were in question. He decided to build his grand royal kraal in the Emakhosini Valley and uMgungundlovu was established in 1829. It was oval in shape, and consisted of about 1500 traditional grass huts (umuzi). Though the original capital was burnt to the ground, archaeologists are raising it from the ashes and reconstructed huts show what it was like in its prime. The ACT DMU team worked with Amafa to document the heritage features at Emakhosini, this included the laser scanning of the reconstructed uMgungundlovu.

For more information and links to the interactive tools please follow the link: http://www.actheritage.org/emakhosini-opathe-heritage-park/


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