Food Security

South Africa faces critical environmental and human resource challenges. Lack of water and soil erosion, deforestation and desertification are causal factors for food insecurity and poverty, resulting in sprawling low-income urbanization. Coupled with the impact of climate change and the destruction of natural habitats and biodiversity, this is a recipe for disaster for the millions living below the poverty line.


Answering the Call  – ACT's Conservation Agriculture Programme:
For the past eight years, ACT has been working with affected communities, teaching them the value of working with nature – not against it, in their efforts to grow their own food.
This includes:

  • The establishment of ecological food gardens at individual homesteads, clinics and schools across the province
  • Widespread mentorship and education on permaculture principles, including seed saving and nutritional eating
  • Replanting indigenous forests and building capacity in ‘natural resource harvesting’ of Marula Oil and BioDiesel
  • Assisting communities to harvest rainwater for homestead gardens, and
  • Reducing soil erosion in two major catchment areas of the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park World Heritage Site.

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