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African Conservation Trust (ACT) is a broad-based environmental, conservation and heritage organisation, founded in 2000. We implement a diverse range of projects and programmes, in South Africa, with a strong focus on collaboration, teamwork and bringing Ecological Agriculture to communities. ACT also works extensively in the heritage sector, using modern technology to preserve Africa’s rich history and culture. Our vision is simple: People on a profitable planet. We envision a world that is able to sustain human life, with abundant natural resources, which people can use not only to survive, but to flourish. 



Sheelagh Antrobus received first place in the 2016 Game Rangers Association of Africa Rhino Conservation Awards in the Awareness, Education & Funding Category in recognition for her efforts as the Project Rhino KZN coordinator and the +R13million raised and distributed by the ACT Rhino Fund

ACT's GigaBite Guardian received the Runner-up prize in the 2014 Mail & Guardian Greening the FutureAwards (June/July 2014).

Received the CyArk 500 Award for Drakensberg rock art documentation at the CyArk 500 Challenge Launch & Conference (20–22 October 2013, Tower of London, England). We also received a CyArk 500 Award for our corbelled house documentation in 2015

We received the Runner-up prize in the Mail & Guardian Greening the Future Awards in the Non-profit category (July 2013).

ACT received a Heritage Award in 2012 from the provincial heritage authority, AMAFA (AkwaZulu Natali). The award recognised ACT's educational and environmental efforts over the last decade, contributing to heritage conservation in the province.

GRAA Rhino Conservation Award: Best NGO Practitioner Runner-up – Sheelagh Antrobus (PRKZN Coordinator)

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