Frack Free SA

Millions of litres of water (about 20 million litres) are required for one frack at one well, as well as thousands of litres of chemicals.  These chemicals can range from benign to highly toxic, some of which are known carcinogens.

Apart from the intensive water use, fracking creates air pollution and  contaminates surface and ground water sources, thereby making it unfit for human and animal consumption.

ACT is a  member of the SAFE Alliance (Sustainable Alternatives to Fracking and Exploration). Established in August 2012, the Alliance aimed to act as a platform to oppose fracking and seek alternative, more sustainable development options for targeted fracking areas. The Alliance also focused on utilising legal tools to oppose the issuing of any license in connection with fracking in South Africa and build a public education and information campaign to inform rural communities and the South African public about their environmental rights, in particular those associated with the impacts of fracking.
The Founding Members of the Alliance are the Wilderness Foundation, Treasure the Karoo Action Group (TKAG), the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the African Conservation Trust.

SAFE has now evolved to embrace FrackFreeSA, as part of the global campaign to ensure a fracking free world. FrackFree SA is an alliance, and anyone can join! FrackFree SA seeks to develop Sustainable Alternatives to a Fossil Fuel Economy.
Start your own FrackFree local campaign, FrackFree KZN, FrackFree Greytown, FrackFree Dargle.
Please join the campaign, like us on facebook and follow us in our quest for clean air, clean soil and clean water. It’s our right!!!

We have compiled an information disc on the fracking process and the dangers associated with it, the complete disc is availalbe via Dropbox here.  Also visit the dedicated website, Twitter  and Facebook pages.

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