Food Grower Database

We have a big dream… to map and bring together One Million poor families in the next 10 years, show them how to become food secure AND help protect our fragile eco-systems and environment.  With funding from Wesbank, we are currently developing an online database which will bring together homestead gardeners, supporting networks and potential markets. The GigaBite Guardian utilises GIS technology to map food garden locations, record grower details, crops planted and expected harvests.

The database is an effective tool for monitoring and evaluating project progress as it integrates different types of data, including field sheet data, GPS points, photographs and database records. It will also assist donors, government departments and NPOs to identify who is working where, and target areas in need of assistance.

We encourage everyone to be part of the database and to share their data with us. This information will assist with identifying linkages, pooling resources and pinpointing potential markets.


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