Biological Farms

ACT’s pilot Bio-fuel & Food Security project was implemented in an area severely affected by climate change, soil erosion, overgrazing and widespread food insecurity. It is a long term project with many facets that aim to build a foundation for a large scale bio-diesel plant pioneering the use of an indigenous tree (Pappea capensis) as a fuel source. The project incorporates permaculture and sustainable farming training to ensure food self-sufficiency.

The project resulted in the repair of the local community’s broken boreholes and provided water tanks for rainwater harvesting, alleviating a critical shortage of water. The rainwater harvesting system that was established collects approximately 400,000L of water annually and provides water for the farm.

Permaculture and sustainable farming training was given to community members and food tunnels were established. Organic vegetables grown in the tunnels are sold to the community and donated to local schools. The project also supplies the surrounding communities with seedlings.


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