Rooipoort Nature Reserve

Laser scanning technology was used to document an ancient rock engraving site and the historic ‘Shooting Box’ lodge in the Rooipoort Nature Reserve. The Reserve, located 60km west of Kimberley, was established by Cecil John Rhodes during the 1890’s and is one of the oldest private nature reserves in South Africa. Declared a South African Natural Heritage Site in 1985, the Reserve contains an array of cultural heritage sites. The African Conservation Trust (ACT) in partnership with the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) used 3D laser scanning technology to create millimetre-accurate digital models of two significant sites.

Rock Engraving
The Rooipoort Nature Reserve contains a wealth of ancient rock engravings, left behind as a legacy of past civilisations. The four thousand plus rock engravings are exceptional in both quality and diversity of subject, making the collection one of its kind in Southern Africa. The engravings have lasted for thousands of years, however they are deteriorating over time as a result of natural erosion and animal movements. These significant heritage sites need to be preserved as a record for future generations.

sun- model Sun scan

The Shooting Box Building
The Shooting Box is a historic shooting lodge that was built in 1899 to house hunters and personal friends of Cecil John Rhodes during hunting expeditions. It was constructed from a ‘kit’ shipped over from England and transported to the farm by ox wagon. This historical gem is a national monument and the farm itself is a natural heritage site.

Shooting Box

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