Historic Buildings

Local historic architecture forms an important part of a country’s heritage. ACT and UKZN have been using 3D laser scanning technology to create permanent digital records of some of South Africa’s significant heritage structures. Past projects include the historic Zaaylager Voortrekker homestead in Estcourt, the old Gillitts Train Station, and the ‘Shooting Box’ building situated in the Rooipoort Nature Reserve. The Shooting Box was commissioned by Cecil John Rhodes in 1899 and constructed from a kit that was shipped from England and transported to the farm by ox wagon. ACT then travelled to the Karoo to document the unique corbelled houses built by the early Dutch settlers who arrived in the harsh semi-desert landscape from about 1820. They found that trees were sparse and built their beehive-shaped dwellings entirely from stone.  The scan data can be used to isolate building weaknesses, take accurate measurements to determine severity of damage, and create detailed cross sections to assess structural integrity. This information can be used to assist land owners and heritage management authorities in the preservation of heritage sites.

For more information and links to the interactive tools please follow the links: http://www.actheritage.org/historic-buildings/  and http://www.actheritage.org/corbelled-houses/buildings_corbelledbuildlings_gillitts_stationbuildings_shooting_box

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